Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scanner Face

For this assignment, the goal was to use the pen and fill tool to replicate the style of animation seen in the Scanner Darkly film.


     For this homework, we were assigned four different goals to complete in the illustrator program.  One had to be a creative autobiography using only six words.  The second assignment was to make a type drawing of something using text.  Another goal was to make the text convey what the word actually means and lastly, to make an abstract, nonrepresentational type drawing with only text, so that the letters are not recognizable

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week Two: Art History and Education

Most of this week's lecture was irrelevant to my interests, until Dr. Kline came in after the Community Arts and Art Education departments to talk about Art History. I was really excited for this because I know I want to add some kind of Art History degree while in school at Temple. After listening to Dr. Kline's talk, I'm seriously thinking about declaring a double major in my field and Art History. It seems like a lot of hard work, but will be useful for finding and securing a good job after college. It was amazing to see how many courses besides the basics are offered in art history, I had no idea one course could focus on one small period in time and have that much information to give. I feel ecstatic just thinking about taking more art history courses, it's one of my favorite subjects and it is just so fascinating to understand how any two pieces of artwork can be compared and connected.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adventure Through Philly

     This weekend, I adventured in Philadelphia through the China Town area, though I was not alone because the officers of ASA were also there.  The reason we were all there together in the first place is because there was an early scheduled lunch to eat dim sum together.  We ate at a restraunt called Sang Kee, which was cheap yet the food was mouth watering.  Our president, Tyrone, introduced our group adviser who was actually very down to earth to help us focus on our mission to create unity and service within our community.
     Whenever all of the officer members get together adventures happen.  After breakfast we just roamed around the city, bonding and laughing and exploring.  It's hard to explain the feeling of familiarity that we share with each other, our bonds are just strong and there are nothing but good times whenever we are together.  At the end of the day, after much thought and effort, a schedule was successfully set up for meetings, events and projects that are going to take place this semester.  It seems like much work, but it is going to be worth it in the end.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week One: Study Abroad

     Studying abroad in another country is one of the reasons that made my decision to come to Tyler so easy.  The spring semester's lecture series is all about understanding each department at Tyler to help make our decisions on what classes to take next year easier.  Opening this year's series with a study abroad session made the lecture both captivating and interesting to sit and listen to. 
     Ms. Susan Moore, a professor in painting and drawing spoke about studying abroad, specifically in Rome.  Just listening to the way Professor Moore described the experience of flying to another country to learn and experience a foreign culture was exciting.  There was a slide show along with the lecture that had photos showing the typical experience and places the students often traveled to visit.  The photos reminded me of being in the most beautiful, surreal museum in the world.  It was surprising to hear that many of the classes usually take the students outside to learn and draw.  That sounds nostalgic of how professors taught in the Ancient Roman era, when students gathered around a single professor in a courtyard while he/she lectured.  After her slide show, Ms. Moore had a student who previously studied to come share his experience. 
     James Dunn, a junior year student at Tyler talked about his experiences, and one thing specifically stood out. He mentioned that the walk from his residence to the classes was a thirty to forty-five minute walk.  That point especially made my interest in traveling abroad grow.  That walk would be a perfect opportunity to breath in the culture and atmosphere and would just be a calming experience.  I love walking everywhere and observing what is going on so that one point basically sold me to the idea of traveling to another country.  Overall, the lecture was well planned and made me more excited about (hopefully) traveling abroad one day in the future.